Benefits of Buying Online Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations

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Year after year, you go through birthday parties and by now, you are an expert at organizing them. From getting the invitations and goody bags at the local store, to the life-size inflatable castle, things have just gone so smoothly.

So you really shouldn’t be stressing about it this year. But you can’t help it because this year has nothing to do with the others; it is her sweet sixteen birthday and everything has to go perfectly as planned. She has a dozen friends coming over, a popularity to uphold and everything, down to the last details, have to be flawless. Beginning with the invitations.

Here’s a trick: if you want to save time and money while still putting a smile on your hard-to-please teenager’s face, order them online. And while this time and money saved is being used on all those other important details, here are a few other things you might gain by ordering your sweet 16 birthday invitations online:

Custom-made and unique.

Once thing that will greatly displease your daughter, is having to send those exact same common and boring invitations that her friend used for her own sweet sixteen birthday.

Get a personal picture, add some funny quotes and make your invites stand out from the rest. You will be able to see exactly what they will look like and redo them as many times as you want without even purchasing yet. You can even chose what kind of paper you want it to printed on or even what gloss and shades, you want them to be printed in. The options are limitless.

Once your daughter is fully satisfied, you will be able to get that unique invite as quickly as a click of your mouse and still have time to mail them to your guests.

Sweet deals.

Not only will you get that one of a kind sweet 16 birthday invitations, but some websites like PaperStyle offer packages where you can get stationery, goody bags and many other amazing birthday essentials at just one low price. Some can even throw in some free shipping when a minimum purchase. And most of these items can be personalized as well so that everything match.

Throwing sweet sixteen birthday parties can be both and enjoyment and a pain. Increase the percentage of it being an enjoyment by ordering the invites online. Your daughter will thank you for it.

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Make your Sweet 16 Party Special with Personalized Invitations

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sweet 16 party cupcakesA sweet 16 is an important coming of age party, and as with every party the invitations set the tone of the event, and give guests an idea of what to expect. Interesting, different or unique invitation are a great way to get people interested and make them want to attend your party so putting some thought and effort into the invitations is the first step towards a great party

Play to your strengths

If you have any artistic ability you may want to make the invitations yourself which is a great way to create unique invitations.  If there are not too many guests to invite you can personalize each invitation to the guest; this adds a nice personal touch. Even if you aren’t particularly artistic you can still make a great looking invite; try cutting paper shapes or flick a paint brush across the cards for a splatter effect. Stick on glitter, feathers or sequins if you would like a girly look for your invitations, or use stencils and spray paint to easily repeat a pattern a lot of times.

Put technology to work

There are lots of websites that let you design a card or invitation yourself, and then just choose how many you want to be printed. This is an easy way to pick out custom sweet 16 birthday invitations. Another way to put technology to good use is to make a video invite; film yourself saying a few words to invite people and email the video to them. Just make sure you have a script so that you don’t leave out any important bits of information, and practice a few times so that you can make it look natural. Invites by text or on a social media site are an effective way to invite lot of people, but these methods don’t have the same impact as an invitation that guests can pin on a board or stand on a shelf.

However you choose to invite guests to your sweet 16 party, try to use an invitation that will have an impact so that guests want to attend, and make sure you include all relevant information such as location, times and dress code as well as the theme if there is one.

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