Make your Sweet 16 Party Special with Personalized Invitations

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sweet 16 party cupcakesA sweet 16 is an important coming of age party, and as with every party the invitations set the tone of the event, and give guests an idea of what to expect. Interesting, different or unique invitation are a great way to get people interested and make them want to attend your party so putting some thought and effort into the invitations is the first step towards a great party

Play to your strengths

If you have any artistic ability you may want to make the invitations yourself which is a great way to create unique invitations.  If there are not too many guests to invite you can personalize each invitation to the guest; this adds a nice personal touch. Even if you aren’t particularly artistic you can still make a great looking invite; try cutting paper shapes or flick a paint brush across the cards for a splatter effect. Stick on glitter, feathers or sequins if you would like a girly look for your invitations, or use stencils and spray paint to easily repeat a pattern a lot of times.

Put technology to work

There are lots of websites that let you design a card or invitation yourself, and then just choose how many you want to be printed. This is an easy way to pick out custom sweet 16 birthday invitations. Another way to put technology to good use is to make a video invite; film yourself saying a few words to invite people and email the video to them. Just make sure you have a script so that you don’t leave out any important bits of information, and practice a few times so that you can make it look natural. Invites by text or on a social media site are an effective way to invite lot of people, but these methods don’t have the same impact as an invitation that guests can pin on a board or stand on a shelf.

However you choose to invite guests to your sweet 16 party, try to use an invitation that will have an impact so that guests want to attend, and make sure you include all relevant information such as location, times and dress code as well as the theme if there is one.

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